Letters of Reference:

"What a tremendous experience it was to have BJ Johnston and the "The Man From Aldersgate" at several venues on the New Mexico District Church of the Nazarene. It was an educational, entertaining, biblically and theologically sound presentation. BJ ministered to all ages and captivated the eyes and ears of children as well.

I highly recommend BJ Johnston, the "Man From Aldersgate" in his one man dramatic presentation of John Wesley for local churches, schools, universities and district settings. You will be inspired, instructed, encouraged and edified by this theatrical performance taken right out of John Wesley's journals. As one view said, "He is more Wesley than Wesley."

Dr. J. Fred Huff
New Mexico District Superintendent
Church of the Nazarene

The audience was a mixture – college students, area pastors, retired neighbors, and professors of every field.

Bob Johnston captured the audience and never let us go.

We saw Wesley in his historical preciseness, but also with a contemporary nearness. His body and language were clothed in the culture of the past, but his impact was immediate.

I walked away thankful for my roots, appreciative of a The Man from Aldsersgate, and grateful for the artistry of BJ Johnston.

Dr. Dan Boone
Trevecca Nazarene University
Nashville, Tennessee

BJ Johnston's one man play, "The Man from Aldersgate", is delightful.

The set, make-up, and dialogue are all engaging, but the truly wonderful part of the play is getting to know John Wesley, his life and the times he lived in.

After a life of performance driven Christianity - that failed him - he encountered a Jesus filled with grace, and he was never the same. A message as badly needed today as John Wesley needed it 250 years ago.

Regional Director
Mississippi Valley Region
Young Life

It was a pure delight to have you share with us on Nov. 13 the presentation on John Wesley. Everyone was very complimentary about the presentation.

No one could believe how quickly time had passed! Everyone was mesmerised by the character of Mr. Wesley.
You brought the audience so well into the presentation. And the spiritual nature of the performance was wonderfully and well done.

Thank you for coming our way.
Rev. Walter Goldsmith
Sandtown United Methodist Church
Philadelphia, MS

We recently had B J Johnston perform in our chapel service. He did a wonderful job of making his program fit our needs, time constraints, facilities, etc. He has such a command of his material that he is able to move from scene to scene seamlessly, recreating the drama on the fly.

He took his two hour drama and made it work well in a 50 minute window.

I look forward to working with him in the future and commend him to any college or church or other group who is looking for an entertaining and educational experience.

Tom Trasker
VP of Student Affairs
Wesley College
Florence, MS

BJ Johnston presented The Man from Aldersgate at a weekly chapel experience at Mississippi College and the responses included:

Sophomore: "It was great to learn a little about John Wesley, I never knew he did so much."

Junior: "The apple was really good and it seems like the faith people had back then really made a difference."

Faculty: "Students came into class asking about the significance of John Wesley and why we don't hear a lot about him."

"BJ did an incredible job of opening the pages of histroy and giving us a glimpse of what happens when one person surrenders fully to the Lord's leadership. I would really like to connect this play with lectures, activities, and readings to encourage our students, faculty, and staff to understand the faith by which American Christianity was established.The depth and research by BJ and the playwright made this an experience I would readily share with others."

Eric E. Pratt, Ph.D.
Vice President for Christian Development
Mississippi College
Clinton, MS

It is really amazing to see Wesley walk into our congregation. Putting a face and personality on a historical character is so important. I immediately wanted to go read more about such a fascinating man of God.

But even more amazing is the response from people who never studied who Wesley really was. They were amazed at how Wesley was so much like they are today. What a great challenge for them to discover their faith.

If you have a chance to book BJ Johnston at your church I can promise that your congregation will be blessed. His portrayal of Wesley will challenge both young and old alike.

Rev. Gary Davis
Crossings Assembly of God
Jackson, MS

We wanted to thank you so much for your portrayal of John Wesley. Your presentation fit so well with Union University's theme of Celebrating the Christian Intellectual Tradition. You provided an enjoyable evening with our faculty, staff and their spouses for our beginning of the academic year dinner theater. You were delightful as "The Man from Aldersgate!" We were indeed blessed by John Wesley's visit!


Cindy Meredith

It seems that through the course of history, we are sometimes inclined to forget those who have gone before us, those giants and trail-blazers who have fought great battles against culture and lethargy in the church and who God has used to paint his Gospel across the landscape of time. John Wesley was one of those giants, and regardless of where we may fall in agreement or in disagreement with some of Wesley’s theological stances, we would be much poorer men and women were it not for his zeal for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this vein, with my whole heart, I would encourage you to take this opportunity to have this giant sit and visit with you and your congregation for a spell. In his role as John Wesley in The Man from Aldersgate, BJ Johnston does a wonderful job of portraying Wesley, his passion for the Gospel, and even his idiosyncrasies in a way that is both challenging and enjoyable. Wesley (aka Johnston) will visit and interact with your fellowship, will speak his heart, and stir your own hearts with the fire of the Gospel. He was a delight to have and did a wonderful job of bringing the man, Wesley, to life before our eyes.

John Wesley was once asked what was the secret to his success as a preacher. His response was, “I light myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” Indeed, our nation would be a much fairer place were more of our preachers men who burned with Wesley’s zeal for the Savior, Jesus Christ. Come, see Wesley burn with the Gospel, and be inspired to burn yourselves for the great truth that there is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone!

Your Servant in Christ;

Win Groseclose
Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

BJ, simply outstanding yesterday! Such a winsome portrayal on John Wesley.

I'm a Presbyterian, a Calvinist-- but I found myself won over by Wesley and must now read some of his writings.

Superb presentation!

I will email some of my Presbyterian clergy today about you.

Blessings, Dr. Rusty Douglas

Greenwood, MS

Dear Bro. BJ,

The presentation of "The Man from aldersgate" was marvelous! All who attended your presentation were telling those who hadn't attended what a great play they'd missed. A week later, many people are still talking about how much they liked the presentation.

We've never seen the children so quiet - for an hour! They were hanging on every word you spoke.

We learned much about the beginning of Methodism and about the man, John Wesley.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Jackson, TN

On Sunday evening, 7 September 2008, "The Man From Aldersgate" visited the Carthage United Methodist Church, Carthage, Mississippi.

While I had read the advance promotions, and was aware of the subject matter - I was totally unprepared for the depth of history, knowledge and the passion that he generated. My wife and I were simply amazed, then honored, and then delighted to learn so very much in such a short period.

We come late to the "Methodist Party" - having been involved in the Lutheran Church until moving to the Carthage area, where there are no Lutheran Churches - but considered ourselves to be fairly knowledgeable of John Wesley. We were NOT!

BJ Johnston made the man, the life, the history come to life in a wonderful way, one that should be mandatory viewing by all who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - not just Methodists!

What can I say - WOW! We were so blessed to have you (and John Wesley, of course) at the Carthage United Methodist Church - and those that attended are still talking about it!

I thought that I was fairly well versed in the "making of the man" but your portrayal certainly brought the entire story home to me in a very personal way.

Thank you for sharing, and if I may be of assistance in any manner, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very Respectully,

Marcus D. Ellis, Jr.
Lay Leader
Carthage United Methodist Church

"If you ever get the opportunity to see B. J. Johnston as John Wesley, don't hesitate. He has a wonderful testimony to our Lord.

Our 8 year old son was so touched by it all that he was sad and in tears when B. J. had to leave. He was even the first one after it was over to run up and express how much he enjoyed the program."

Thank you so much B. J. We enjoyed meeting you and John Wesley,

Your friends in Christ,
Paul & Angela
North Mississippi

What a wonderful evening we had with John Wesley at St. Paul's UMC. B. J. Johnston gave the performance of a lifetime. Our children were held spell bound with this wonderful appearance of Mr. Wesley. Adults were not even eager to get home. It was not just a performance but a spiritual happening. B. J. also gave his testimony which touched us all. It was an evening not soon forgotten. We plan to have him again soon for a morning and evening service. This is evangelism at its best.

Timothy T. Beard, Pastor of St. Paul's UMC, Clarksdale, MS.

I really enjoyed watching Bob perform “ The Man from Aldersgate.” It was interesting to take a peek into the life of John Wesley. I had heard the name, but didn’t know much about him. It was neat to see how Bob drew in the audience and kept even the youngest kids entertained.

What I found fascinating was that John Wesley really dedicated his life to Christ when he was older. He grew up in a Christian family, but had been going through the motions, doing what he thought a Christian would do. It wasn’t until he submitted to God and really began to seek him that he began to make a huge difference in the world.

I loved his determination to preach the Word of God even when barred from churches.

I walked away from the program feeling encouraged that God can work in my life in a mighty way.

My favorite part of the evening was when Bob spoke and said that John could not have let us go before giving an invitation to know Christ. I could feel his sincere and sensitive heart as he spoke. It made me wish I had some of my unsaved loved ones there.

It was a wonderful performance and I am blessed to have been there.

Stacie Larsen
Insurance Professional
Carlsbad, CA

Your presentation of John Wesley was special. Our people enjoyed it and were educated in a most unique way. Anyone who is remotely familiar with Wesley's journals knows how accurate your presentation was to history.

It was a spiritual blessing as well as a first class presentation.

David Watson
Sr. Pastor
Lakeshore CMC
Florence, Mississippi

The play was incredible! I've seen it three times now and it's touched me and challenged me in my own personal life.
Not only have I gotten a great history listen about an influential man, but his writings are moving and inspiring!
I hope many churches see this as a great tool to reach people who are searching and invite this message into their assemblies.

Ryan Johnston
Santa Monica, CA

* I love the way you interact with the audience. It draws in the crowd.
It could tell the viewers were jolted by [it].

* I catch myself at times remembering....Wesley was a MAN.....we don't worship him!!!! I think including those weaknesses are important....while never forgetting to come back to Christ.

I believe Wesley has a powerful message not just through his theology....but his approach.

Stuart Kellogg President/General Manager WAPT TV

The Jackson Academy secondary student body and faculty had the distinct privilege of having BJ Johnston present "THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE." His powerful and dynamic portrayal of John Wesley is done with a passion for Christ and the Gospel and reflects the highest degree of historical accuracy. BJ truly captivates his audience by incorporating into John Wesley's spiritual journey humor, exceptional drama technique, and effective audience interaction. Jackson Academy felt as if John Wesley was a guest on our campus and was proclaiming boldly that faith in Christ is central to one's salvation. BJ Johnston's presentation of "THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE" remains a blessing to our school family. I strongly suggest that schools as well as churches avail themselves of this marvelous aspect of ministry.

Peter Jernberg
Jackson Academy
Jackson, Mississippi

I was very entertained and touched by the play and your performance. You acted out the role of John Wesley with such genuine talent, humor, and energy, and captivated the audience including myself. I found his life story to be very interesting as well as encouraging and humbling. I found myself examining my own life and it left me with a renewed joy in how wonderful and GREAT God is. Thank you for sharing his story with me.

BJ, I have heard nothing but positive comments about your production of THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE. Your portrayal of John Wesley was so authentic, that I almost expected to find a horse, tethered at the side door, waiting for you. It really spoke to me that the intellectual pursuit of divinity and scripture is insufficient.

I was struck by the fact that it was after seminary that Wesley came to an understanding that he knew ABOUT God, but didn't know God. This was so relevant. Just about everybody I talk to (with a few exceptions) believes about God, but so few have that personal. life transforming relationship.

I was struck by Wesley's zeal to preach the gospel. Iit stirred within my heart a deeper motivation to share my faith.

Thanks so much for coming to Canada. We would love to have you back, Lord willing, for a future presentation…. Next time, with God's help, we'll fill the place.

Greg Guthrie
Brantford Christian Centre
Brantford, Ontario

I found the presentation of the "Man from Aldersgate" most intriguing. In particularly three areas of John Wesley's life became amazingly alive for me:

1). I found that there was comprehensive theology on salvation in the presentation. The doctrine of salvation is brought out in a spectacular display of words. Although the young Wesley was a preacher he had not appropriated God's theology in a most personal way and that happened at a crisis point in his life....

2). It also showed me that Wesley was a social activist-and not in a egotistical way as other social activists have often demonstrated-but in a biblically modeled way-for Him Christ was alive to such an extent that he challenged Child Labor Laws and people's view of women......I found this intriguing to say the least.....

3). His personal relationship with Christ was just that-personal!!!! He experienced Christ in a most subjective manor which demonstrated the reality of God in one's life....

In Christ:
Gerry Tonn
Pastor of Cedarview Evangelistic Centre
Pentecostal Church of Canada
Paris, ON

I just returned from, and wanted to thank you for your excellent performance of "The Man From Aldersgate". I found it to be very spiritually uplifting. Your play instilled in me that even though we are Christians, we are all still human fighting though the same struggles and insecurities of life....even John Wesley.... Yet, we won't be successful in doing God's work if we don't allow God to be a part of everything we do and everything we are! We have to submit to God through faith, to enable Him to work through us. My prayers will be with you and your ministry!!

Dave Anderson
Danville First Church of the Nazarene
Danville, Indiana

To whom it may concern:
Last Spring I was responsible for engaging BJ Johnston and his performance of Mr. Wesley. I invited BJ to “bring” Mr. Wesley to our student body at Olivet Nazarene University and to our local congregation. On both occasions his performance was received well and greatly appreciated.

I was especially pleased with the opportunity to bring our theological founding father to light in the lives of our students and congregants. All were helped to see more clearly into the life of this unique servant of God. I heartily recommend “Mr. Wesley” to you.

Dr. Michael Wallace Benson, Chaplain
Olivet Nazarene University
Kankakee, IL

What a special service we had with BJ Johnston as he presented The Man From Aldersgate. It was especially significant after we had spent three weeks incorporating various highlights from Susanna Wesley's life as well as John and Charles.
Our people enjoyed the interaction with John Wesley during the play, and have renewed their interest in the way the Holy Spirit has used regular people in special ways throughout our church history. This play has sparked an eight week Bible study based on some of John Wesley's journals.

I would recommend this play for any church. Whether you spend extra time before in preparation or not, it will benefit you people.

BJ is a joy to have, and his presentation is indeed done in a professional way.

Pastor Dennis Riggs
Bon Air Churchh of the Nazarene
Kokomo, Indiana

This performance was truly enjoyed by all ages of our congregation- this was an educational and inspirational event-Mr. Johnston became John Wesley for the evening. He interacted with audience and presented a wonderful presentation. Again, thanks for serving in this ministry.

Nel Joyner
First United Methodist Church
Clinton, MS

Dear Bob,

I just want to take the time to tell you how much the congregation enjoyed your performance of “The Man From Aldersgate”. It was the talk of the church on Sunday morning and we are already looking for a time when we can bring you back for an encore performance.

Not only was your performance stellar, but the overriding message was so powerful and timely. You can rest assured that I will be recommending you to other churches in the area as well as to my friends in the ministry. God is truly using you to deliver a much needed message in a manner that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time as it would be a pleasure to recommend you with my whole heart. I will be praying that many doors open for you, and others get to enjoy this tremendous opportunity. May God richly bless you as you go about blessing others.

In His Service,

Rev. Don T. Metcalf
Senior Pastor
Carlsbad Christian Assembly
Carlsbad, CA

Dear Dr Wesley,

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I especially enjoyed the way you interacted with the audience and were able to roll with the situation when people came in late, had to leave early, or answered rhetorical questions out loud.

I didn’t realize John Wesley had such a great sense of humor or that he enjoyed children.

After you left town, I felt like I really did know you, Dr Wesley that is.

It is my hope to promote your good name in my circles of influence.

Now, you can do something for me. If you ever run in to BJ Johnston, tell him I said hello. He was quite delightful at lunch but disappeared about the time you arrived. I never did get to say goodbye.

Rev Jack McCormick
Manteno Church of the Nazarene

Manteno, Indiana

Thank you so much for your ministry Wednesday. It was an interesting and different approach to what some might think an uninteresting subject.

I believe that you were very effective in sharing the truth by grabbing the audiences attention by your unashamed performance.

I know that ALL of the children loved it and I believe that they now have something else that explains just some of the history of our church and the saints that gave so much so that the gospel would be passed on….I believe that the message is one that they need to hear…

They loved it and I am sure it has sparked some conversations that will not soon be forgotten.

Thank you again for your ministry.

Amanda Porter
Manteno Church of the Nazarene

Manteno, IL

BJ Johnston's production of The Man from Aldersgate is well worth seeing.
BJ dips into his rich experience as an actor to bring the life of John Wesley to life, and the weaving of humor, drama, and audience interaction into the mix makes the experience unforgettable. In fact, when I came to see the production, I wound up having to stand in the back of the auditorium with several others, as every seat had already been claimed.
BJ has turned The Man >From Aldersgate into an ideal show for both schools and churches alike, by taking what some would consider "just church history" and turning into something exciting and new.

Bret Kenyon
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Jackson, MS

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed "John Wesley" at the Fairmeadow Church of the Nazarene this morning!

I have spent quite a lot of time studing John Wesley, in books and on the Methodist Archives online at John Rylands University, and your production all brought it together for me. You really did a splendid job….

Thanks again, and God Bless You!

Thank you again for coming to Shiloh United Methodist Church in Pelahatchie, MS on Sunday. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Everyone has been talking about how much they enjoyed THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE.

Several have said that you presented John Wesley in such a way as to make him seem live and in person right before their eyes. As you took on the character, it was easy to image that he probably walked and talked just as you portrayed him.

Your presentation moved beyond a drama and into reality in the minds of those present. It was easy to imagine Wesley going about his daily activities and it certainly gave insight into the thinking he must have had as he worked so hard to move the church beyond the walls of complacency.

BJ, please feel free to use this note as a reference for your work and for your presentation. If I can be of any assistance, please call on me. I look forward to seeing you again and am praying for God's richest blessings on you, your family, and your ministry through drama.

In His service,

Rev. Sam Dodd, Pastor First United Methodist Church
Pelahatchie, Mississippi

"The Man from Aldersgate" as performed by BJ Johnston is certainly a "must see" for Christians of all denominations.

It challenges cultural Methodists in particular to get back to the core principles of their faith. The performance is inspiring, educational, challenging, and evangelical.

Some comments from people in our congregation:

"Outstanding!" "It was moving. Thank You. Praise God." "I really felt a part of the time that it was portrayed."

I highly recommend "BJ Johnston as John Wesley" as one of the finest Christian performing artists of our time.

Rev. Dr. Harvey K. Prochnau
Pastor, First United Methodist Church
Plainwell, Michigan

BJ Johnston does an outstanding job portraying, Methodist Founder, John Wesley. He brings to life, the call to live a “Life of Holiness.”

He takes you through the events of John Wesley’s life and ties it altogether with the challenge to live the example of Christ in today’s world.

I would highly recommend BJ Johnston in “The Man from Aldersgate” to any church seeking to know more about Wesley, or seeking the meaning of living a Holy Life.

Rev. Kenny McGill, Pastor
Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church
Meridian, Mississippi

It was truly a privilege for our church to host B. J. Johnston in the presentation of "The Man from Aldersgate."  I was amazed at thow B. J. Held the attention of persons from every age and stage.  It was a "heart warming" experience for everyone as B. J. Portrayed John Wesley as a man who was changed by Christ in order to change world for Christ.

I strongly recommend this informative, entertaining and inspirational performance.

Kelly E. Pope
Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
Brandon, Mississippi

Dear BJ:

Thank you again for coming to our church last Sunday night. It was a truly excellent performance! I've heard many good comments about it. I also hope it stirs people in our church to appreciate and think about their own Methodist roots. I'm going to follow up with a discussion this coming Sunday night. Best wishes for the future!

Jeff Shannon
Ellisville First United Methodist Church
Ellisville, MS

"The Man from Aldersgate" engages and inspires listeners of all ages. As a professional actor who is also an experienced Christian missionary, B. J. Johnston brings his own unique sense to the life and mission of John Wesley. Devotion to his craft is matched by passion for his ultimate theme: The difference one human life can make when fully surrendered to Christ."

Rev. James Matheny
Senior Pastor, Saint Mark's United Methodist Church
Brandon, Mississippi

Dear BJ,

It was such a treat meeting and spending time with you. Bill and I feel really blessed.

Your performance as John Wesley was riveting! The entire sanctuary was transformed into a time capsule where Wesley and his era came alive. All eyes and ears were eager to see what his next word or gesture would be.

What an experience ... to have such a significant man of God bear witness through you to the Risen Christ in 2008. Alleluia! To God be the glory!

Bill and I have been spreading the word in the Delta about you and the "Man from Aldersgate".

God bless you and your family.


Peggy Keady
Minister of Visitation
First United Methodist Church
Kosciusko, Mississippi

In the production "A Man from Aldersgate" BJ Johnston is outstanding in his betrayal of John Wesley. The production is historically accurate, witty, charming, and thought provoking. BJ makes you feel as if you are traveling with John during some of his 250,000 miles of ministering, preaching, and teaching.

Since John Wesley's theology influenced not only the Methodist Movement/Church but so many other denomination and non-denomination churches and the social setting of England this production would be great for any Church and community.

I plan to have BJ as "A Man from Aldersgate" again for my Church and other ministries.

Pastor Rick Malec
San Luis Rey United Methodist Church
Oceanside, CA

We at Vaiden United Methodist Church were captivated with the performance of B.J. Johnston as John Wesley.
Before the performance, we only thought that we had some understanding of John Wesley and his life. After
B.J.'s performance, we felt we had actually experienced the presence of John Wesley, and definately
understood the life and times of John Wesley much more extensively.

B.J. was entertaining, humorous, and informative. Everyone at the performance absorbed B.J.'s presentation with enthusiasm and excitement.

Any church or civic group would be very fortunate to have John Wesley, as presented by B.J., perform for their
organization. You cannot imagine how much your congregation or group is going to enjoy this performance.

Rev. Calvin Cosnahan
Vaiden United Methodist Church
Vaiden, MS

I rarely recommend speakers, but I’m sending this to a few friends who I know care about the message of Wesley, and might find the right fit for this presentation.

BJ Johnston has been working with us for several years and was with YWAM before that serving with their Arts ministries. He left a year ago to tour full time presenting this drama of the life of John Wesley.

The play is wonderful. We had him present it in chapel this spring, and students were captivated.

This one man show is taken directly from the journals of John Wesley. BJ plays Wesley at his age 70 in the year 1773 and the play can last from 30 – 90 minutes depending on the setting. He has presented it in all types of churches – Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic — not just those from the Wesleyan tradition.

Dr. Roger Parrott
President, Belhaven College
Jackson, Mississippi

The arts are able to transport us to other places and times through the power of the imagination.

The arts are able to transport us to other places and times through the power of the imagination.

In this dramatic presentation of the life of John Wesley, BJ Johnston takes us to another country at another time in history, where we are introduced to this man who has profoudly influenced the cause of Christ to this day.

Through a combination of period costume and props, and skillful acting that engages our imagination, Wesley's journey to faith challenges our own understanding of what it means to have an authentic reationship with God.

Whether in a church or college setting, The Man From Aldersgate will be enthusiastically received by all who experience it. You won't want to miss this!

Dr. Colin Harbinson
Director of The Stoneworks Initiative

To Whom It May Concern:

It was our privilege, at North Sound Church, to recently host B.J. Johnston in the production of The Man From Aldersgate. BJ did an amazing job of presenting the message of the gospel and Christian growth through the words of John Wesley.

For the entire play, he kept the congregation in rap attention. Sometimes there was laughter; sometimes there was silence pregnant with thought and feeling. Not only was it great entertainment, BJÕs presentation was powerful in its spiritual content and effective in its ability to communicate to an audience that included children and adults.

Barry Crane
Lead Pastor
North Sound Church
Edmonds, Washington

It is with great pleasure that our church hosted B. J. Johnston in his performance of The Man From Aldersgate. The life of John Wesley as expressed through his personal journal is one of the great stories of God's servants! In this unique presentation, B. J. brings to life a man whose passion for souls changed England and the world. Wesley's mother, his time in the "Holy Club," his conflicts with the established church in England, and his decision to become a field preacher all come to life in this moving adaptation.

With humor, poignancy and insight B. J. Johnston vividly portrayed the great John Wesley, one whose heart was "strangely warmed," to the edification and delight of our congregation!

James Blaha
Associate Pastor
Lakeside Presbyterian Church

I had the distinct privilege of attending BJ Johnstons portrayal of John Wesley in "The Man from Aldersgate". From the moment he enters the stage, until he ends the production by picking up his saddlebag to continue his journey, you find yourself transported to another time and place. From the set design to the make-up and period clothing, B.J. Johnston does a superb job at bringing this history-maker to life. I was drawn in to this altogether inspirational, informational and creative presentation.

Dave Dickson
Asst. Director
Arts With A Mission

Dear B.J.

I want to thank you for bringing John Wesley to life for us. You effectively demonstrated his passion for Christ. We all loved the way you used Wesley's personal idiosyncrasies to make his message heard. As I experienced The Man From Aldersgate , I was reminded again of the power of God in our lives. I thought of the rich heritage that the Methodist Church in specific and Christianity in general has in the teachings of John Wesley. We at Edwards and Bovina United Methodist Church want you to know that you are welcome in the future.

In Christ,
Lister Bowdin

Dear BJ:

We really enjoyed your presentation last night at Briarwood. I felt like John Wesley was in the sanctuary. A number of our members have called and told me how much they, too, enjoyed your performance and said they were going to tell their friends to invite you to their churches. I'll pass your bulletin around to other churches in the area letting them know they can have "Mr. Wesley" come and speak at their church as well. As I told you, we had a number of visitors in the sanctuary, and I heard a several of them express their appreciation for your performance. I am quite certain that you will receive other requests asking you to perform from those visitors in the not too distant future. Thanks once again for an outstanding performance.

Dan Duggan,
JD, Elder,
Briarwood Presbyterian Church,
Jackson Mississippi

BJ Johnston's production of The Man from Aldersgate is well worth seeing. BJ dips into his rich experience as an actor to bring the life of John Wesley to life, and the weaving of humor, drama, and audience interaction into the mix makes the experience unforgettable. In fact, when I came to see the production, I wound up having to stand in the back of the auditorium with several others, as every seat had already been claimed. BJ has turned The Man From Aldersgate into an ideal show for both schools and churches alike, by taking what some would consider "just church history" and turning into something exciting and new.

Bret Kenyon
Youth Pastor
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Jackson, MS

"Smashtacular job in chapel, BJ. 'Twas awesome.“

It's amazing that centuries later, we face the same challenge that John Wesley found himself in; to bring a relevant and clear message to the world that faith in Jesus Christ is vital. BJ Johnston's presentation of The Man From Aldersgate is an enchanting look into the life of a man who came to a true understanding that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone. You will be inspired and encouraged as you witness the wonderful truth that John Wesley so clearly lived...'that God is with us.'

Rev. David A. Potvin
Assistant Vice President
for Campus Operations
Belhaven College
Worship Pastor
The Church at Northshore

"So chapel rocked my socks on Tuesday."
Haley York

My experience in the performance of BJ Johnston as John Wesley in “A Man from Aldersgate,” was as if I was sitting with John Wesley himself! I felt that I was taken back in time because the historical depiction was so real. Most of all, I felt that I was hearing Wesley speak of the Word of God becoming so real to him so that he could at last understand and take hold of the truth that it is by faith that we trust in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation. I strongly recommend this performance to every one of all ages and all Christian faiths.

Sherry Murphy
College Administrator

BJ Johnston’s performance as The Man from Aldersgate is a must see for anyone who wants to better understand the historical figure of John Wesley. With convincing realism BJ skillfully presents not only the factual highlights of Wesley’s life, but also the dynamic energy of Wesley’s spiritual passion. The Man from Aldersgate introduces the audience to both the human face and the engaging personality behind the Wesleyan legend. A great resource for a wide range of groups and settings that is informative, entertaining, and inspirational.

Daniel L. Burnett, D.Min.
Director of Library Services
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Wesley Biblical Seminary
Jackson, MS 39206

The Man from Aldersgate was great again today. After seeing it four times, I want to see it again. It is powerful and moving. My son-in-law was so moved he wants to invite you to Austria! The gospel is clearly and persuasively presented through the life and words of John Wesley. May God keep on blessing you in this important ministry.
Dr. Joe Martin
Biblical Studies and Ministries

Belhaven College

To Whom It May Concern:

Delightful! Absolutely delightful! We were drawn instantaneously into the world of John Wesley by B.J. Johnston’s performance at Belhaven College. While Wesley is often quoted and referred to, the person of John Wesley has been largely overlooked in contemporary Christian circles…until now. Mr. Johnston gives a provocative performance that is both humorous and insightful, delicately moving between Wesley’s theology and his disciplines that inform the development of his “method”. We see the Spirit-filled relationship of Wesley with his Maker, extolled through his playful conversations with his traveling companions and his joyful acknowledgement of God’s grace. Johnston’s portrayal of Wesley is a brilliant snapshot that piques the audience’s curiosity and refreshes the soul!

I would encourage you to consider Mr. Johnston’s Wesley as a complement to your worship.

In Christ,
Sara Kimmel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

To whom it may concern:

B.J. Johnston's "The Man from Aldersgate" is an outstanding production. The staging is simple, but powerful and meaningful. His make-up is professional and his portrayal is convincing; one truly believes John Wesley is present! The message presented is clear and emotionally uplifting. It is a production I recommend on a professional level, on an artistic level, and on a faith level. Knowing B.J. Johnston and his history in missions work and theater production, I would expect no less than the excellence achieved here.

Dr. Stephen W. Sachs
Pianist and Music Chair

BJ’s presentation of John Wesley was wonderful - Very engaging! I was not real familiar with the story of John Wesley and after hearing BJ’s monologue, I now know more. I think any age would find BJ’s presentation enlightening, educational, and most entertaining. I would recommend him to any church or group!

Suanne Sullivan

Director of College Admissions


Great show today. Here are some comments I would share:

I would strongly recommend BJ Johnson’s performance of The Man from Aldersgate. Through his suburb performance, BJ brings John Wesley to life in a most personal way. Regardless of one’s denominational affiliation…or none at all, the message is clear, easy to understand, and most riveting. I love the way that John Wesley comes to life and shares his passions and especially his struggles. You leave feeling as though you have had a one on one discussion with one of the greatest Christian leaders of all time. This show is great for the whole family!

Great job!

Kevin Russell
VP of Institutional Advancement

To Whom It May Concern:

On Tuesday January 23, I was delighted by BJ Johnston presentation of “The Man from Aldersgate” which recounts the life of John Wesley, the great 18th century evangelist. Johnston has an extremely rich and resonant speaking and singing voice which he uses to artfully interpret a true and historical, yet delightful and creative script. This, coupled with this actor’s insightful dramatic sensibilities kept me engaged throughout the performance. The make-up, costumes, and simple set and props lend an authenticity to the production, but the unique talents of this theatrical artist kept the material fresh and alive.

Dr. Christopher Shelt
Professor of Vocal Studies

To Whom It May Concern:
I write this letter in support of B.J. Johnston and his extraordinary program THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE,” a one-man show on the life of John Wesley and the struggles that he had. B.J. has put the master’s touch to this interpretation, demonstrating not only is own acting skill but his resource in character development through a wonderful makeup process that transforms him to that 18th century age complete with authentic props and language.

The talent of acting can be best consummated in effectively transporting an audience to another age, using the body and the voice as instruments. B.J. has done this with THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE. An event suitable for all ages and adaptable for churches, classroom use and public performances in special events, this work will enrich the lives of those who are engaging the eternal questions of faith, purpose in living and joy in all circumstances.

I recommend Mr. Johnston to you with the respect for his efforts that can only be summarized as extraordinary.

Louis H. Campbell Ph.D.
Executive and Producing Director

Enclave of the Arts