About the Playwright of The Man From Aldersgate

Photo by Eric Negron

Brad L. Smith has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries from Fort Wayne Bible College and a Master of Arts degree with honor in Journalism from Wheaton College Graduate School. His 40 years of experience as a professional writer includes working as a journalist/photographer in Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela, Ecuador, Southern Mexico, and Vietnam (1995) with World Vision International and Mission Aviation Fellowship. Brad lives with his wife, Donna, in Redlands, California, where she is a teacher. The couple’s daughter, Christine, is an RN.

From 1966-67, Brad L. Smith served in the Vietnam War as an unarmed combat medic with an elite Recon troop of the 1/9th Cav, 1st Air Cav Division. On December 1, 1966, he was shot through the forearm in an ambush while carrying out a critically wounded sergeant and awarded the Purple Heart. Smith also received the Air Medal, Combat Medic Badge, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm. He reportedly was awarded the Bronze Star Medal—though it failed to appear in his official record. During his five months in combat, he made 110 helicopter assaults and engaged in 13 firefights. In July of 1969, he was medically retired and classified as a Disabled Veteran.

Brad’s Vietnam War memoir of “my year surviving the most dangerous job in the world” is entitled A Graveyard Called Two Bits. It and the following eBooks are available through Kindle Direct Publishing at (accessible on Kindle, iPod, iPhone, and other media; Kindle for PCs or MACs offers a FREE App).

Track of the Panzer, a novel,is set in World War II and based on the true story of a sixteen-year-old soldier—a German Christian on the Russian front—and how he survived the biggest mistake of his life: volunteering for the wrong side of a losing war.

Completing his war trilogy is Bought and Soldier—Brad’s novel based on his great, great grandfather’s experiences in the Civil War under General Sherman. At 16, he took $300 to substitute in the draft for another man. His story is the stuff legends are made of, because these stories actually happened!

Brad’s latest eBook for Kindle is Three Tales of Three Tails: a Dog, a Cat, and a Kite! It is his first collection of “Timeless Storytime Tales.” Designed for middle-grade boys and girls, ages 8-12, these stories can be read by them or read to them or younger children. Parents and grandparents can trust this series to present timeless truths in exciting and engaging ways that will relate to children, young and old. Courage, sacrifice, honor, justice, forgiveness, humility, family, faith—all are portrayed in this series. These are tales for today: Timeless Truths for Terminal Times that will help prepare your Tweens for the challenges of tomorrow.

Suzie’s Song Some Dogs Live a Different Kind of Life
Suzie is a little terrier-mix who makes the biggest mistake of any dog’s life—she stops being a puppy. Abandoned somewhere in the country, she learns to fend for herself—in a world she has never known before—with the unlikely help of one very wily stranger: a Coyote!

Tuxedo Cat All Dressed Up and No Place to Go
TC is a cat out of sync with his siblings—not unlike many kids. Due to his comical black-and-white coloring, his brothers and sisters mock him. While still a kitten, TC runs away from home to find someplace he belongs. What he finds, instead, is one adventure after another . . . and the real meaning of life!

Theodore Christopher Kite Tales of Little Kites, Big Flights, and Other Marvelous Things!
As far as kites go, Theodore Christopher isn’t much to look at. Other kites are silk, multi-colored, and beautiful. Teddy, as he calls himself, is all coarse sticks, plain brown paper, and rags for a tail. He is sure that the Kite Maker must have made a mistake.

Then a fall breeze turns into a raging wind. The more fragile kites falter and crash. That’s when the Kite Maker hand-picks Teddy for a special flight . . . one he has been designed for from the beginning!

Watch for other Kindle books and short story collections by Brad L. Smith, including The Odyssey of Hans Kessler -– one of several “Myths of What If?” stories.