About John Wesley  

Through the powerful medium of drama THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE brings to life John Wesley and his dynamic ministry. Wesley tells how his transformation through faith in Jesus Christ sparked a revival that changed England and America. He exhorts his audience to embrace a more disciplined life of faith through his teachings from the Word of God. As John Wesley shares, you will gain new insights into the importance of prayer, how personal failure can teach us to trust Christ, how religion is the most dangerous idol of all, and how a mother’s faith can shape a child’s destiny.

John Wesley, born in 1703, probably did more to promote holiness than any other figure in English history. You will experience the life and times of the man who rode over 250,000 miles on horseback to bring spiritual renewal to the English-speaking world. THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE encourages spiritual renewal and also presents an excellent opportunity to help reach your community for Christ.

Wesley Shares on These Topics:

  • How his mother's faith shaped his personal destiny.
  • How to share your faith with others in a personal manner. He even explains how at gunpoint.
  • Nothing is more important than prayer.
  • Religion is the most dangerous idol of all.
  • God has only children - not grandchildren!